creative writing -- Moonspinners Writer's Page
creative writing -- Moonspinners Writer's Page
ANZ Authors - A support organization for Australian and New Zealand novelists. 

Association Of Authors' Representatives - This site will tell you all about agents in the U.S.

Australian Copyright Council -  A great guide to copyright for Australian writers.

Australian Society of Authors (ASA) - An excellent organization for Australian authors. Provides support, advice and legal help.

Australians Online - Maintained by the Australian Broadcast Company, a site for Australians to share news, events and support.

Authors Guild - The largest U.S. society for published book authors and freelancers.  Has some good info on U.S. copyright and contracts.

Children's Writing Resource Center - Resources for children's writers.

Elizabeth Dearl  - A fantastic mystery novelist. Elizabeth also publishes short mystery fiction at various sites on and off the internet. She won the 2000 Derringer Award for short mystery fiction.

Elizabeth Delisi - Another wonderful author.  Ms. Delisi also offers a professional editing service that I can personally recommend. Click on her banner to visit her site!

Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW) - The Victorian branch of the FAW, this is an Australian organization which provides support in all areas of writing.

Information Please Almanac - This is a great source of reference.  Has all sorts of general info that writer's need when trying to authenticate their research.

Murder On The Internet Express - A site for writers or readers who enjoy mysteries. Includes links to many of your favorite mystery authors.

National Association Of Writers In Education  - For teachers of writing, this is a good resource. It is based in the U.K.

Over My Dead Body! -- A wonderful online mystery magazine.

Paranormal Romance - A site for lovers of the paranormal romance genre.

Public Lending Rights - For Australian writers, this site is where you go to register your work for payment from library use.

Publishers Weekly - An ezine with all the latest information on the publishing industry.

Ravenshead Services Ltd. - Produce and sell WriteItNow software. This software contains
excellent tools for all authors and writers.

Road To Romance - A site of interest to readers and writers of romance.

Romance Writers of America - A site for authors or aspiring authors of romance.

Romance Writers of Australia (RWAust) - An organization of support for romance writers and aspiring writers in the Australian region.

Sisters In Crime - An organization for women crime writers.

Jan Springer - A fantastic Canadian author. Visit her website!

Victorian Writer's Centre - A support organization for writers living in Victoria. The VWC is based in Melbourne.

Writing Careers: Great website providing information about the business behind becoming an author.

Writer's Digest - Writer's Digest is a great magazine and this site lives up to their high standards.  Great place to keep up on the latest markets.

Writer's Net - Links to published authors, editors, publishers and agents.

Writer's Online Workshops - Workshops for writers, conducted by Writer's Digest Magazine. I am an instructor there and find their lessons and student interface excellent.
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