Includes Joey, winner of the Publisher's Choice Award
Futures Magazine, June/July 2001


It was the perfect wedding.  The park is such a beautiful place in the Autumn with the leaves vivid orange, red, yellow and all the shades in between and the grass so rich and green with new growth.  It's really just the most romantic setting.  They'd erected an arbour covered with twining ivy and roses under which the bride and groom were to stand during the ceremony.  In front of this was a small podium for the minister.  The guests stood about under huge oaks and pines.

Still, it's taking a bit of a chance holding an important event like that in such a public place.  You never know who belongs and who doesn't.  That's why it probably never occurred to anyone to question the grey-haired man who took his place at the podium.  I'm sure we all just assumed that he was the minister.  The bride was waiting some distance away for her cue and the groom was fidgeting -- much too nervous to notice.  I suppose someone should have wondered why the minister was wearing a raincoat, after all, the sun was quite bright without the least hint of rain.  By the time we all realised that he was not the minister he had already whipped open his raincoat.  It was one of those rubbery affairs, (the raincoat, I mean) and I wondered how he could stand to wear it right next to his skin with nothing to prevent chafing.  I couldn't help but feel sorry for him and the thought crossed my mind that someone should take up a collection to help him purchase a more practical raincoat.  The episode itself wasn't so bad.  He did have quite a nice looking appendage (as far as they go) and no one could have said he wasn't well built.  He was gone in a flash (excuse the pun) so no one was offended for long.  Sister Beatrice was quite all right after she came to -- she was only out for a few seconds anyway and by that time, the ceremony was nearly ready to start.

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