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Francine Silverman is author of two travel guidebooks, Catskills Alive (2000 and 2003) and Long Island Alive (2003), both published by Hunter Publishing. Her interactive, bi-weekly ezine, Book Promotion Newsletter, has close to 1500 subscribers, including authors, publishers, publicists, editors, ghostwriters, and book coaches. Book Marketing from A-Z, a compilation of the best marketing strategies of 325 of her top subscribers, was published in March 2005 by Infinity Publishing. Visit Francine's Book Promotion Newsletter site by clicking here:
Andrea Campbell
(criminal law, forensic science, party games,
primatology-humans, great apes and monkeys)
Lana Jordan
Linda Nathan
(getting publicity, interviews, ghostwriting, writing, editing)
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Virginia Morton
(History-Civil War)
Vicky DeCoster
Rae Pica
(parenting-especially relating to children’s
physical activity)
Shirley Cheng
(disabilities-how to live a happy life with disabilities, inspirational)
Christine Hohlbaum
Marilyn Meredith
(mysteries and Christian horror)
Erica Miner
(romance, relationships and travel through journaling)
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
(Author branding, book reviews – all genres,
retailing, Utah history-polygamy, tolerance)
Betty Jo Tucker
(movie reviewing, film-related book reviews)
Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski
(smart dating, smart wedding couples, successful
marriage, optimal workplace relationships)
Michelle Ailene True
(poetry, non-fiction, book reviewing-all genres)
Donald Gordon
(News editing, media presentation)
Laurel Johnson
(book reviews-all genres)
Ginny Stibolt
(Writer’s website ideas, writing for the Internet, and website design & training)
David Stanley
(Travel – promoting guidebooks on the web and researching low-budget guidebooks in
developing countries)
Joan Swirsky
(health/fitness, breast cancer, pregnancy,
childbirth, relationships)
Paul Steward
(cave exploration)
Arlene Evans
Lillian D. Bjorseth
(Business – networking, building high-value relationships; ice breakers, body language)
Max Anderson
(reluctant young readers, especially boys)
Don Keith
(military history, broadcasting and media, college athletics, sports, advertising/marketing,
music industry)
Karen Magill
(paranormal romance)
Marika and Howard Stone
Lori Hein
(US and world travel - intergenerational,
women, solo; journaling, photography)
Paris Permenter and John Bigley
(Travel – guidebooks)
Margaret Carter
(vampire fiction)
Charles Ehin
(History: WW II in Eastern Europe, and Business: self-organization/knowledge management)
Richard Wainwright
Janet Lazo-Davis
(children’s fiction,
infertility-emotional aspects)
Billie Williams
(mystery suspense)
Thomas Nixon
Steve and Betty Lockman
Brian Kaufman
(History-The Alamo, low/no cost book promotion)
Carolyn Harris
(roadtrips and RV rallies)
Walter Brasch
(celebrity Journalism, media technology,
First Amendment Issues -suppression of
dissent, USA Patriot Act, American mass media)
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Aaron Paul Lazar
Feather Schwartz Foster
(History-presidential history thru
Ted Borgeas, M.D.
(foot surgery, auctioneering, TV and radio directing and producing, real estate brokerage,  federal prisons and mental health)
Richard Crissman
(architecture, furniture-design issues,
fiction-structure and help with financial details in a plot)
Kate Stormer
(children’s books)
Toni Buzzeo
(children’s books)
Rick Frishman
Sandra McLeod Humphrey
(character education)
Arlene Hirschfelder
(Native Americans)
Elaine Masters
(children’s fiction, Christian writing-
essays on prayer and missions)
Peter Bowerman
(Book Titling, persuasive
Judith Colombo
(book reviews-mysteries)
Book Marketing from A-Z by Francine Silverman: Promotional strategies from over 300 authors
Sandra Kitt
(agents, author/editor
relations, romance, contracts)
Romantic Suspense and Mystery author, Maureen McMahon
Erotic Historical author, Ainsley Abbott
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Penny Leisch
(pets and holistic
pet care)
Julie Clark Robinson
(creating everyday joy)
Patrika Vaughn
(Writing- books, CDs, audiobooks about writing- publishing, author branding)
Cindi Myers
(sexy romances)
Edith Tarbescu
(children’s books, playwrighting)
Sandy Fox
(Grief – particularly death of a child)
Patti Henry
(empowering men and marriage counseling)
Phil & Carol White
(Travel - roadtrips and how to plan them,
guidebooks and narratives)
Chester Campbell
Allan Cole
Jeffrey Fox
J.A. Hitchcock
Lorraine Kember
(using the media and the Internet)
Heather Resnick
(resource guide - where to go to find pertinent information related to employment)
Anita Salzberg
(reptiles, especially turtles, and amphibians)
Cindy La Ferle
(motherhood and the domestic arts, personal essays, memoirs)
Sybilla Cook
John Henderson
(anti-religious themes and the harmful effects of religion)
Jane Kurtz
(children’s books, education, international literacy projects, Ethiopia - past and present)
Sigrid Macdonald
(surviving hip surgery)
Pinkie Paranya
(romance, romantic suspense, historicals, mysteries)
Fern Reiss
(non-traditional marketing, self-publishing, publicity, author branding)
Ben Romero
(Hispanic themes)
Dotsie Bregel
(Baby Boomer Women)
Margaret E. J. Broderick
(Business-small business, women-owned business)
Penny C. Sansevieri
(Business-building it with books,
non-traditional marketing, print-on-demand
Merrill Sanders
(ghostwriting, how to edit)
Linda Pynaker
(spirituality-psychic medium)
Milt Overall
(science, spirituality)
Lauren Myers
(Religion-problems that make pastors quit,
developing the discipline of consistent prayer)
Ruby McKee
(Storytelling to teach reading)
Susanne Knight
(History-regency period in England – 1811 – 1820, health, fitness)
Bobbi de Cordorva-Hanks and Jerry Hanks
(Cancer – survivorship and caregiving)
Ty C. Colbert
(youth sports psychology)
Ronda Del Boccio
(joyful living, holistic healing)
Christy Tillery French
(book reviews – all genres but prefers mysteries)
Patricia Fry
(how to write articles, book proposals, find a publisher)
Toni Leland
(equestrian fiction and non-fiction)
Norm Goldman
(book reviewing)
Suzette Haden Elgin
(linquistics, verbal self-defense, science fiction)
Ayn Hunt
(ghosts, Gothics, Internet)
Julian Stockwin
(historical naval adventure fiction)
Ellen Baumler
(Montana history)

Bob Schwartz
John Prophet
(mysteries for young adults)
Nancy Arant Williams
(inspirational romantic suspense, editing )
Maggie Ball
(book reviewing, literary fiction, poetry)
Pamela Harper
(business growth, leadership, performance)

Melissa Alvarez
(independent publishing, romance, psychic fiction, paranormal subgenres)
Hetty Gray
(independent publishing)
D. Harlan Wilson
(irreal genre – which combines a dreamlike aesthetic with an absurdist sentimentality)
Gigi Miner
(spirituality and Tarot cards)
Dorothy Thompson
Peggi Ridgway
(Search Engine Optimization-optimizing websites so they will be picked up by search engines and easily found in searches)
Thomas Neviaser, M.D.
(orthopedic surgery-especially shoulders and knees; garage organization)
Cliff Hakim
(careers-rethinking work by first knowing oneself)
Allyn M. Evans
(empowering women)
Helen Dunn Frame
(building a media list, getting news coverage, Greece-present and past)
Hal Alpiar
(healthcare, practice development for physicians, choosing physicians for healthcare consumers)
Moses Ludel
(automotive themes)
Jayne Jaudon Ferrer
(mainstream poetry geared to mothers and marketed as “gift books”)
Lia Metal
(book reviewing, writing basics, children’s books)
Wendy Orr
(Novels for children, teens and adults)
Dorothy Snyder
(Alzheimer’s disease)
Cindy Vallar
(maritime piracy, Scotland, editing, pirate and nautical book reviews)
Joan C. Borgatti
(writing, editing, coaching novice writers, helping nurses find balance and fight burnout)
Margot Finke
(children’s books, picture books-rhyme or plain text, mid-grade, manuscript preparation)
Linda Morelli
Bonnie Kreitler
(equestrian industry)
Susan Malone
No photo
Arlene Uslander
(assembling anthologies)
Janet Wellington
(romance novels-contemporary and time travel historicals, booksigning secrets)
No photo
Thomas Becker
(economic development and business practices in Latin America)
Erika Strecker
(suffering of civilian bombing victims during and after the two World Wars)
Shel Horowitz
(copywriting, marketing consulting for authors and publishers)
Marja McGraw
(mysteries laced with humor)
Karen Adler
Cheryl Wright
(books about writing, fiction)
Susan P. Baker
Lisa Lenard-Cook
(writing fiction)
Pam Lontos
Naomi Rose
(money management with compassion, transforming your life through writing)
Susan Allan
(marriage, divorce, relationships)
Mayra Calvani
(book reviewing)
Anne K. Edwards
(Internet, book reviewing)
Milton Stern
(naming websites, self-publishing, bookings for historical non-fiction)
Kerry-Ann Morris
(living well with endometriosis)
Mary Emma Allen
(Alzheimer’s, quilting, books for writers)
Cynthia Brian
(publicity, preparing authors for on-air and on-camera interviews)
Tonya L. Chatelain
(lesbian novels)
Jan Stephen Maizler
(Flats fishing, counselling individuals, couples, and groups)
Susan Friedmann
(working with tradeshow exhibitors and organizers; niche marketing)
Wes Spence
(personal time managerment; employee relations)
Don Bracken
(Civil War, American History and History of American journalism)
Kristie Leigh Maguire
(Ultra-Sensual Romance)
Beth Davis
Scientific palm reading
Shannon Scott
(marketing plans, especially web marketing)
Francina R. Harrison
Marianne Berkes
(children’s books)
Susanne Dunlap
(historical novels)
Bernadette Dyer
Katherine Gibson
(lifestyle; self-help)
Michael Zwerdling
(clinical nursing and nursing history)
David Lebowitz
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Lynn Emery
(mental health and questions on writing/publishing commercial fiction.)
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Susan Taylor Brown
(children's books from picture book to young adult, writing instruction, motivation for writers)
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